The Program Development Committee will evaluate the Wisconsin YMCA Youth in Government program & events, provide feedback and recommendations for improvements, as well as consult with the staff on program needs and goals. We invite participants and volunteers from all roles (students, advisors, alumni, and volunteers) to apply to be part of the Program Development Committee. 


The Program Development Committee will meet as a whole at least twice a year, while sub-committees will meet as needed. We will use conference call technology for the majority of meetings, but will try to offer at least one in person meeting per year. The committee will be selected with the intention of securing representation from students, advisors, alumni and volunteers from a range of delegations, as well as experience levels.



  • State Director

  • Governor

  • Lt. Governor

  • Secretary of State

  • Application process - max 15 spots + those listed above



  • April - Meet w/ Youth Governor & exec team to set priorities and goals

  • May - Evaluate program survey data to identify successes to celebrate and gaps to fill for the coming year

  • June - Committee meets and discusses Gov’s priorities and staff-presented data on previous years and then convenes sub-committees

  • July - Sept - Subcommittees set goals and priorities

  • Oct - introduce changes, additions and priorities to program as a whole

  • Nov - March - implement projects on various timelines