The purpose of the Wisconsin YMCA Youth in Government Program is to develop within our youth a dedication to the values of democracy and an awareness of the need for their participation and leadership in the democratic process. Participants in this program are especially privileged because they are allowed to use the historic chambers and offices in the State Capitol. A level of conduct that requires self-control, individual decision-making, responsibility, and adherence to a dress code is required for each conference experience. The Code of Conduct should be observed by both youth and adults. With this in mind, the following Code of Conduct has been established for the WI Youth in Government Program. Registration for the Wisconsin Youth in Government program implies personal acceptance of the code of conduct as stated:

1. Each delegate, advisor or other participant agrees to conduct themselves in an orderly manner before, after, and during the functions of the program; remembering that conduct to, at, and from meetings, retreats, conference and Capitol facilities, public and private facilities, and the hotel reflects upon oneself, one’s delegation, and the YMCA.

2. Each delegate agrees to abide by and foster all YMCA rules and philosophies and agrees to create an atmosphere compatible with the YMCA’s mission to help develop caring, capable leaders.


3. It is the responsibility of each participant to attend all scheduled sessions and activities. Any absence from a state event must be prearranged with the Delegation Advisor and the State Director.


4. Participation will be maintained on respectful, intellectual and productive levels. Each participant is a role model. The group’s behavior should be viewed as irreproachable. Inappropriate sexual behavior and sexual harassment will not be tolerated. Activities, language and debate of questionable intent or safety will not be allowed, as interpreted by the State Director. Any criminal behavior or actions that endanger self or others will not be tolerated.


5. Each participant will respect the property of others and that of the Capitol and conference facilities, the hotel, and any other public or private facility used by a group or delegation. In the event of willful destruction of private or public property, each delegate is held responsible, including for any financial cost incurred. Theft will not be tolerated. Materials of officials in the state government should not be touched and/or tampered with.


6. Conservative, professional, business dress is the expectation during program activities and official functions. Clothing choices should reflect preparation for a job interview or work in government service. Anyone not in compliance with the dress code may be asked to change clothes. Nametags must be worn at all times to identify your participation.


7. Cell phones, laptops and other personal electronic media devices, including those with headphones, may only be used as directed for research during any scheduled activity.


8. The use or possession of alcohol, non-prescription drugs, or any tobacco product is forbidden, in accordance with the law and YMCA policy. Smoking is not permitted in any facility or at any function. Wisconsin YMCA Youth in Government Program Guidebook  


9. Delegates are to observe curfew and quiet hours at Model Government functions, facilities, hotel rooms and hallways. Swimming pools may be used by participants and advisors at their own risk. Hotel charges for room service, phone calls, and other charges must be covered by room occupants before checking out.


10. Delegates are to observe a threshold rule in the hotel; delegates may only enter and convene in their assigned rooms.


11. Participants (delegates, volunteers, advisors) who drive vehicles to/from program events assume all cases of liability.


12. Participants who violate the code of conduct may be suspended from program activities and the conference. The delegation and state directors will recommend disciplinary action, including the removal of the delegate from activities and/or the termination of the delegate’s program participation. Should a delegate be sent home, it is at their own expense. The State Director has the final authority to administer any disciplinary action deemed necessary, as well as the authority to delegate his or her disciplinary powers to any staff person he or she deems appropriate.


13.All participants share responsibility for their actions when violations of the Code are witnessed. Those who decide to be present when a violation occurs shall, by their own choice, be considered a participant in the violation.


As a participant in the Wisconsin YMCA Youth in Government Program, I realize that such a privilege involves certain responsibilities. I understand the expectations set before me in the Wisconsin Youth in Government Code of Conduct and all other rules and regulations for the good of the program. I further understand that if my conduct does not meet these standards, I relinquish the right to the opportunities afforded to me by the Wisconsin YMCA Youth in Government Program and that I may be sent home from any YIG activity at my own or my parent’s expense immediately.

Parents’ Authorization

In the event I cannot be reached in emergency, I hereby give permission to the physician selected by the director to
hospitalize, secure proper treatment for, and to order injection and/or anesthesia and/or surgery for my child as named
above. I hereby give permission to the physician selected by the director to order X-rays, routine tests and treatment for
the health of my child.

Photo and Video/Audio Recording Release

I hereby give my permission and consent to Wisconsin YMCA Youth in Government and collaborating third parties to make,
reproduce, edit, or broadcast any video film, footage, soundtrack recordings, or photo reproductions of me and/or my
narrative account of my experience within the Wisconsin YMCA Youth in Government program. I understand that I may or
may not be identified in such reproductions; however, I shall not be stated by name to have endorsed any particular
commercial products or services. I hereby release and discharge the Wisconsin YMCA Youth in Government program and its
affiliate YMCAs from any and all claims in connection with the uses of these reproductions and/or narrative accounts of my

Virtual Program Participant Agreement

It is important that our student members, participants and guests feel welcome at the YMCA and in our programs. The code of conduct embodies the spirit of the Y, and is intended to help everyone feel comfortable and thrive. As a YMCA youth participant or guest, we ask you to agree to follow this code of conduct which is rooted in our YMCA core values: honesty, caring, respect, and responsibility.

These requirements also serve as an extension and supplement to any codes of conduct students and participants must abide by for their local or state YMCAs and Youth in Government programs.

1. Appropriate Video Call Etiquette

  • When registering/signing-in for any video call or meeting, please use your First & Last Name (not a random username), as well as your state abbreviation in parentheses. Example: Clement Duran (NY). This helps us to ensure the privacy of our meetings.

  • Please find a quiet area and call-in at the scheduled time so you can be fully present. If you are able/willing to use the camera on your device, we encourage those participants to use their video function so we can see and hear you.

  • Please do your best to keep background noise or distractions to a minimum. 

  • Please do not take your phone or computer to the bathroom.

  • Photos and videos of others without their expressed consent is prohibited.

2. Appropriate Attire
Appropriate attire must be worn at all times. Clothing with vulgar language, obscene gestures, racial slurs, or anything that contributes to a hostile environment or would be considered inappropriate in a YMCA facility or program is not allowed. Appropriate tops and bottoms should be worn.

3. Appropriate Language
Vulgar language, including swearing, name-calling or shouting/yelling at others is prohibited. When communicating in the chat box, please do not send links or information that is not aligned with our YMCA values.

4. Creating a Welcoming Environment
Respect others’ cultures and personal way of being. We strive to create a safe emotional and physical space. We encourage participants to honor diversity in all dimensions and respect opinions or perspectives. The YMCA stands up against all forms of bullying, discrimination and racism.

5. Appropriate Conduct
Any other conduct of an inappropriate, threatening or offensive nature will be investigated/evaluated by YMCA leadership. Teens that do not abide by this agreement may be prohibited from participating in future virtual events or in person activities.

6. Alcohol, Tobacco and Drugs
The use of alcohol, tobacco, and drugs (including e-cigs/ tobacco-like products) is not permitted in or outside of ALL virtual calls. Participants that show, obtain, see in the background, make references to or use during the virtual calls will be removed from meeting and removed from future virtual and in-person events. Law enforcement may be involved if necessary.

Report an Issue
If a member, participant or guest feels uncomfortable in confronting someone directly about offensive behavior or other issues that are in violation of this code of conduct, we ask that you please report the behavior or issue to to be addressed by WIYIG staff.

To create and maintain a space that embodies our core values, the Y is serious about being clear regarding activities that are not allowed. If you violate this code of conduct, consequences can include termination of program privileges, being sent home (at the expense of the parent/guardian) and involving appropriate legal authority. The YMCA reserves the right to make situational decisions based on our policies, mission and values. 

All student participants, along with their parent/guardian, must submit their digital signature agreeing to this code of conduct prior to participating in all virtual YMCA programming.